Our Fees from January 2023

As of 1st January, there will now be an appointment fee for appointments on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Your appointment fee will depend on the type of appointment and how long it takes. If you have a Medicare Card, Medicare will rebate you a proportion of your appointment fee.  All billing is at the discretion of your doctor.

For Non Medicare Card Holders

During hours
Standard consult. (Level B) = $80.00
Long consult. (Level C) = $130.00
Prolong consult. (Level D) = $180.00
Description Fee
Assault cases $150.00
Implanon insertion $125.00 (out of pocket - $50)
Implanon removal $180.00 (out of pocket - $50)
1 week old health check without Medicare card $120.00 (out of pocket - $43.05)


Services Appointment Fee Medicare Rebate Out Of Pocket Cost
23 - Level B
(Standard Consult)
$80 $39.75 $40.25
36 - Level C
(Long Consult)
$120 $76.95 $43.05
44 - Level D
(Extended Consult)
$155 $113.30 $41.70
Phone Consult
(Telehealth Consult)
$80 $39.75 $40.25

Sunday & Public holidays

Services Appointment Fee Medicare Rebate Out Of Pocket Cost
5020 - Level B
(Standard Consult)
$90 $51.80 $38.20
5040 - Level C
(Long Consult)
$130 $88.80 $41.20
5060 - Level D
(Extended Consult)
$165 $124.50 $40.50
Phone Consult
(Telehealth Consult)
$80 $39.75 $40.25

Services Not Bulk Billed

Note: The following services are NOT Bulk Billed and require payment to be made via EFTPOS or CASH on the day
  • Medicals
  • Insurance
  • Driving License
  • Sporting
  • Pre-Employment
  • Cadet Medicals

After hours service

This practice has an After Hours agreement with the National Home Doctor Service. Should you require urgent medical attention between the hours of 8pm and 8am, please present to your local hospital emergency department. Please call 13 74 25 for the National Home Doctor Service for all other matters regarding after hour care.

Telephone Communication

Every attempt will be made for you to speak to your requested GP however as to minimize the disruption of consultations we may need to request that you leave a detailed message with Reception regarding information or advice relating to your clinical care which will be referred to the Doctor to decide the most appropriate procedure for ongoing health care.

Data Protection

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times & to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. The Practice adheres to the 13 APP’s of the Privacy Act 2012. Copies of privacy policy can be obtained from reception or downloaded from our website. Patients can request for access to their medical record during consultations.

Recall and reminder system

Our practice is committed to providing continuing care and preventative care. We operate a reminder system for preventative health services. If you do not wish to part of this system, please advise reception staff.


Please note that results will not be given over the phone. Patients are asked to call the practice in a time-frame given by your doctor, or otherwise in about a week to see if an appointment is required for follow up of your test results. Please note, staff are not able to give you your results as they are not qualified to do so. Only a doctor is able to discuss your results with you. If follow up is required, you will be asked to make an appointment with the doctor. We do not routinely phone all patients with normal results.

Comments and Complaints

We welcome your views and constructive suggestions which will help improve our service to you. There is comment/complaints boxes available at our surgery.
For more details of how to complain please see our complaints procedure which is available from reception. However, if you feel there is a problem you wish to take up elsewhere, you may prefer to contact the Queensland Government Centre for handling complaints.
Post to:
Office of the Health Ombudsman

Online: www.oho.qld.gov.au/make-a-complaint
E-mail: complaints@oho.qld.gov.au
Website: www.oho.qld.gov.au

On arrival

Upon arrival, reception staff of our Accredited Practices, in accordance with 5th Edition RACGP Standards, are required to positively identify you by requesting information regarding your Name, Address and Date Of Birth. Medicare/Veteran + concession cards must also be presented to the Receptionist to ensure your details are kept up to date. Ensure you have signed Consent for Use & Disclosure for Personal Health Information for us to provide optimal ongoing quality health care.

Social Media Policy

The use of social media is expanding rapidly. Individuals and organisations are embracing user-generated content, such as social networking, personal websites, discussion forums and message boards, blogs and microblogs.

Whether an online activity is able to be viewed by the public or is limited to a specific group of people, health professionals need to maintain professional standards and be aware of the implications of their actions, as in all professional circumstances. Health professionals need to be aware that information circulated on social media may end up in the public domain, and remain there, irrespective of the intent at the time of posting

Obligations for Medical Practitioners using social media:

In using social media, just as with all aspects of professional behaviour, health practitioners should be aware of their obligations under the National Law, their Board’s Code of conduct, the Advertising guidelines and other relevant legislation, such as privacy legislation.

Professional obligations

The Code of conduct contains guidance about the required standards of professional behaviour, which apply to registered health practitioners whether they are interacting in person or online. The Code of conduct also articulates standards of professional conduct in relation to privacy and confidentiality of patient information, including when using social media. For example, posting unauthorised photographs of patients in any medium is a breach of the patient’s privacy and confidentiality, including on a personal Facebook site or group even if the privacy settings are set at the highest setting (such as for a closed, ‘invisible’ group).

Obligations in relation to advertising

Section 133 of the National Law imposes limits on how health services delivered by registered health practitioners can be advertised. These limits apply to all forms of advertising, including through social media and on the internet. For example, the National Law prohibits the use of testimonials in advertising. The Advertising guidelines provide guidance about how the legal restrictions on advertising under the National Law and other relevant legislation apply to social media.

Email Policy

We adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 when communicating with patients electronically (email or SMS)

This practice does communicate with patients using electronic means, such as email or SMS but we do not send any patient health/sensitive information including results in this way.

Email can be used by a practice to transmit information outside the practice. We do not send any patient health/sensitive information including results via email.

Ideally communication should be via secure messaging or encryption, but this is generally not possible when emailing patients.

The practice has an obligation to take reasonable steps to protect the privacy and security of information it holds including when it is transmitted or disclosed outside the organisation.

The practice follows the RACGP recommendations to reduce the risk of interception of data and sending emails to incorrect addresses, including:

  • use of passwords for sensitive information
  • verification of the patient's email address
  • obtaining patient consent
  • use of secure messaging facilities between practices where available

Patients are informed of potential risks to their privacy and consent must be obtained where health information is sent electronically. We have procedures in place to verify email addresses and other contact information prior to sending.

We obtain and document patient consent in the electronic health record before any health information is communicated by email. We cross check a patient’s identification (using three approved patient identifiers) and verify the patient’s contact details before any information is sent. For email we strive to achieve at a minimum, low- medium risk as based on the RACGP privacy and security matrix- using email in general practice.

Ongoing education and training on confidentiality is provided to all staff and is included in the new staff induction program

The practice website is enabled to allow patients to email the practice.

After hours

13 74 25

This practice has an After Hours agreement with the National Home Doctor Service.

Should you require urgent medical attention between the hours of 8pm and 8am, please present to your local hospital emergency department.




We will be closed on Saturday 10th June 2023 and open again from 9am on Sunday 11th June 2023.